Author : Thelma Aleo
Sabenzi special editor
Published on 20-Aug-2018

An entire generation either failed this country or watched as others pulled it down depending on who you ask. This same category whether in their bid for self preservation, or by just being led by the same levels of ineptitude that have characterised the bulk of their actions since they came into the limelight, have firmly barred the more innovative, younger and driven Nigerians from possibly challenging their hold through proper participation in politics. Enter #NotTooYoungToRun as pertains Nigeria.

The Not Too Young To Run bill seeks to remove the age requirements for running for political office.

As it stands, youth lack the constitutional backing to vie for elective post?—?let me put it in perspective; you can vote at 18 but have to wait till you’re 25 to contest for a House of Representatives or State House Assembly seat, wait till you’re 35 to run for Governor or the Senate and be 40 before you can run for President. You might think what’s the big deal, it’s not like a 25 year old is going to run for President and that’s where you err. You need to understand that lowering age requirements increases youth participation in politics drastically not to mention that age discrimination is a hindrance to full participation and democracy. Why do you want increased youth participation in politics and governance? LOL, do you live in Nigeria at all?The overwhelming argument on my side however is that if you’re old enough to vote and pay taxes at 18, you’re old enough to be in the driver’s seat with regards to how these monies are directed, policy and what not

What’s all the recent #NotTooYoungToRun fuss about? It is speculated that the bill was removed from the constitutional amendment report at a retreat of the joint Committee of the Senate and House of Representatives on Review of the Constitution. So if this is true, these geniuses sneaked it out thinking no one would notice.

As I write this, braver people than I am under the auspices of the I Support the Not Too Young To Run Movement have shut down the main entrance of the National Assembly as security have denied them an audience with the lawmakers. I applaud their actions and hold firm beliefs that lighting a fire under the legislature is a step in the right direction.

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